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In the novel “Viking Warrior” by Judson Roberts, one of his characters named Derdriu speaks thus:

“The past is like a great stone that lies on the bed of a river, hidden from view but shaping the currents of the water as it flows by. You cannot read the currents in the river of your own life, and navigate them safely, if you do not understand what causes them. You must know your past, for it will shape your future.”

How I love that statement and all the content of its meaning. The past is a treasure. Who we are has bearing on who our ancestors were and the great stones that their living and passing have left in the river of our lives. A wise boat man understands the river and all that lays beneath. It might interest some of you to know that through DNA testing it has been determined that this line of the Harbours does indeed have Viking blood in their past.

The Harbour-Holst Family History is a genealogy site that is a constant work. We do not claim that there is complete accuracy with the information contained. It has been gathered and placed here with the knowledge that as our work becomes more detailed the facts may change. We hope that you will use it with the same skepticism as it was placed on this site. This site is still a work in progress.

Don and Mike Harbour

Brothers Don (age 6) and Mike (age 3) Harbour, Dunlap, Illinois, ca. 1949

The genealogy for the Harbour family includes Blasingame, Ferguson, and Holst by marriage. The genealogy for the Jones family includes Hamrick by marriage.

There are many reason why one should know their ancestral past as there are many reasons why individuals pursue the practice of genealogy. Of all the most compelling is the need for one to find their place in the scheme of humanity. It is a propensity of our species to give foundation to their being and establish the roots to all the hundreds to thousands of persons that have come before them to place  the composite of their existence in the family gene pool.

The history of all the genealogies given on this web site is rich with men that were soldiers, farmers, craftsmen, businessmen, professionals, and dreamers.  It is filled with the lives of women who nourished their children, whom were the center of the home life and supported  their husbands through good or bad times. A history of life borne with the dignity that has been passed to those of us who bear these family names as their bloodline.

If you are pursuing your genealogical search my wish is that the data, stories, and links offered in this site will be useful to you. Should you have something to add you are welcome to do so through email. Visit with our pleasure of sharing our families with you. I sincerely hope that your journey into your ancestral past is as rewarding an experience as the discovery that is documented on this web site. Thanks for stopping by.

Y’all come back now, hear?
Donald C. Harbour


Surnames of Interest
Blasingame, de Chabert, Durlacher, Elmore, Ferguson, Garth, Hamrick, Harbour, Holst, Jones.

Surname Geography

USA: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, South Carolina, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas
Australia: Victoria, New South Wales,
England: Cambridge, Buckinghamshire, Herefordshire, London, Middlesex, Suffolk, Devon, Worchestshire,
Scotland: Argyllshire,  Any Location
Ireland: Any Location
Wales: Any Location
Denmark: Any Location

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